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cactus treat holder, free printable treat holder

DIY Sweet Cactus Treat Holder – Free Printable

I created this little printable treat holder a while ago to offer in my Etsy shop, but decided to offer it here for free instead. The original was hand painted in watercolors by me.

It’s a sweet little cactus and you can fold its arms to hold some kind of small treat. I put needle felted hearts in mine, but you could also use it for a fun size chocolate or other candy. Or for a child’s party favor, you could put something useful in them, like a couple crayons or colored pencils.

You can download the free printable treat holder below and then follow these simple steps:

Print as many treat holders as you need. (There are two cacti on one page.) A heavy printer paper would work well. You could also use standard printer paper or a cardstock. How sturdy the paper needs to be will depend on what kind of treat you use.

2. Cut them out and draw on eyes and a mouth if you’d like.

printable treat holder

3. Carefully tape the back of your treats to the cactus. You could use double-sided tape or fold regular tape backward over itself in a flat loop.

4. Fold the arms over the treats so the cactus is “holding” it and secure with a little tape. You could even go an extra step and write To: and From: on the arms.

cactus treat holder, printable treat holder

And that’s it! Easy, cute treat holders! Let me know in the comments if you liked this. I’d love to hear how you used them and what kind of creative ideas you came up with!

Click to download your free printable.

cactus treat holder, printable treat holder