easter crafts

23 Easter Crafts, DIYs, and Treats

23 Easter Crafts, DIYs, and Treats   1. Meringue Wreath 2. Carrot Candy Holders 3. Stand-Up Paper Eggs 4. Popsicle Stick Chicks 5. Felted Wool Rabbit 6. Sock Bunnies 7. Yarn Wrapped Carrots 8. Doily Sheep 9. Chick Finger Puppets 10. Salt Dough Easter Eggs 11. Easter Bunny Treat Jars 12. Peeps Sunflower 13. Bunny Bait 14. Easter Treat Pops 15. Edible Easter Terrarium 16. Pink Rabbit 17. Rice […]

chocolate pudding filled strawberries

Chocolate Pudding Filled Strawberries

We’ve all had pudding in a cup and maybe even in pudding pie, but what else can we put pudding in? Strawberries, of course! These chocolate pudding filled strawberries are so simple to prepare and only require three ingredients. You’ll need strawberries, a box of pudding mix, and whatever amount of milk your pudding mix […]