Food, Drink & Product Photographer


Hi, I’m Erin! I’m a visual storyteller, passionate photographer, food lover, constant tea drinker and fantasy book addict!

I live in central Ohio with my husband, two teenagers, one dog, one cat and a whole house full of plants.

Partnering with my clients to create the images that fuel their brands is a passion for me. If you want to make a lasting connection with your audience they need to feel your brand not just see it!

If you have a project in mind I’d love to hear about it! Whether you’re looking for consistent content to post to your social channels, launching a new product or need commercial images, I’m here to help your brand look it’s best.

10 Random Facts About Me:


  1. I LOVE to read. Obsessed. Fantasy is the best genre.
  2. I spent my formative years in Nepal. Sometimes I don’t get American cultural things.
  3. My kids are awesome. Teenagers rock.
  4. I married my best friend/first love. We’ve been married 18 years, together 21.
  5. I love a good cocktail. Gin is a favorite!
  6. I love spicy food. If it makes you cry you’re doing it right.
  7. I never liked steak until my husband started making it in the smoker.
  8. I secretly love fashion but I mostly wear the typical Photographer Black.
  9. I homeschooled my kids for about 7 years.
  10. My dream is to buy a chateau in France and create an artists retreat.