Gift Guide for Bakers

Disclosure: this page contains affiliate links. If you purchase something I will make a small commission which I assure you will go right into my kitchen as recipe ingredients or baking supplies!

As I was looking through both my wish list and my cupboards I thought it would be fun to put together a gift guide for bakers. So without much ado I am compiling a list of gift ideas. Some of them I own and some are still on my list as well.

Winware Stainless Steel Dough Scraper with Wood Handle


This handy little tool is great for scraping dough off the counter and slicing it into sections. You can get many different varieties but I think the stainless steel and dark wood has a lovely timeless feel to it.

Lemon Zester with Channel Knife

Make those beautiful little curlicues of zest for embellishing cocktails, side dishes, or desserts!

Pie Crust Shield

Cover the more delicate edges of your pie crust to keep it from over-browning or burning while it bakes. Much better than rigging something up with foil!

Copper Cookie/Biscuit Cutters with Fluted Edges

Who doesn’t love the gleam of copper in the kitchen? These darling cutters are perfect for flaky biscuits at brunch, scones at afternoon tea, or crisp edged shortbread cookies.

Digital Kitchen and Food Scale

Up your baking game with a digital scale for precision measuring while baking. This model has an easy to read digital screen and measures in 5 different units.

62 Piece Cake Decorating Kit

Everything you need to decorate beautiful cakes and cupcakes can be found in this set. Plus it comes with a tidy case to store your piping tips so they are easy to find.

Maple French Rolling Pin

Ditch the traditional rolling pin with handles for a beautifully tapered french rolling pin. Easier on the wrists and on your dough while still being beautiful to look at.

3-Tier Cooling Rack

Whoever invented stacking cooling racks was a genius! You’ll use so much less counter space with these babies.

Cookie Scoops

These cookie scoops are just what every baker needs. Use the small size for truffles and mini cupcakes or cookies. The medium size is perfect for cookies and the large size makes perfectly sized muffins or cupcakes.

Professional Round Pastry Cutter Set

Make perfectly round cookies, biscuits, donuts and more with these cutters that come in 11 sizes. No more using drinking glasses with dull edges!

Silicone Baking Mat – Set of 3

A set of three silicone baking mats in standard sizes. Two half sheets and one quarter sheet.

Nordicware Commercial Baker’s Half Sheet

To go along with the silicone mats is a set of commercial baking sheets that are sized to go together perfectly.

The Art & Soul of Baking

My favorite baking book! Packed with tips and tricks, beautiful pictures and so many delights ready to be devoured.

Vantoo Canvas Kitchen Apron

These classic aprons will stand up to heavy use. Available in several different colors and styles and those pockets are the best. I have the distressed pale jean version!

Silicone Pastry Mat with Measurements

Take the guessing out of rolling out pie crusts, pizza dough, and more. This silicone pastry mat is handily marked with standard circle sizes in both inches and centimeters. It has conversion charts as well.

Bake From Scratch – Magazine Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving! A subscription to the inimitable Bake From Scratch Magazine. Featuring plenty of recipes, tips and tricks, history of ingredients and features on chefs and restaurants it’s sure to delight all year long.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this gift guide for bakers. If you have a favorite product or gift for baking I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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